From the time basketball practice starts in October until the

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cheap canada goose outlet March 29, 1989By Beth Rhodes of The Sentinel StaffDAYTONA BEACH When members of the Bethune Cookman yearbook staff surprised Coach Jack ”Cy” McClairen Tuesday with the dedication of this year’s B Cean, entitled ”The End of an Era,” they probably didn’t realize how appropriate the coindence is.Just as 1989 will end the decade hence the naming of the book it ends an era for McClairen, who will not be coaching football this year at B CC for the first time in 28 seasons.McClairen, who has served as both an Canada Goose Outlet assistant football coach and head basketball coach for years, will be concentrating his efforts on the basketball team next year.McClairen said it’s a move he and Athletic Director Lloyd ”Tank” Johnson started talking about several years ago. It wasn’t until this past season, though, when they realized this double duty madness had to stop.”It came really up front when I got caught with eight basketball players this year,” McClairen said.When basketball season started last fall, several players were academically ineligible until the end of the semester and then several others were lost to injuries. ”Great day, I almost didn’t have enough to start the canada goose outlet season,” McClairen said.He couldn’t help but feel he was at least partly responsible.”If I didn’t have football I could have done something because I could have at least had some bodies here,” McClairen said.From the time basketball practice starts in October until the time football practice ends in November, McClairen has felt like he really needs to be in two places at once. cheap canada goose outlet

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canada goose black friday sale Donnelly: Global warming is a great environmental challenge. I support efforts to reduce dependence on carbon based fuels while promoting clean energy, such as wind, solar, and nuclear power. Puckett: If scientists are unable to agree on climate change, then the federal government should not be seeking to impose regulations on citizens and industry governing their response to this issue canada goose black friday sale.

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